Graduate Program


The Master of Science degree in Transportation program (MST) prepares students to understand the historical, current and future trends and developments in transportation systems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Additionally, the program prepares students to design, analyze, implement and evaluate new and emerging concepts, skills and workforce behaviors to address transportation as a major system for improving the quality of life of citizens globally, nationally, state-wide and locally. Entering students should have an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with an undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.8. Applicants must take and submit the most recent score for the Graduate Record Examination. Students must provide two strong letters of recommendations from persons acquainted with the applicant’s academic capabilities. The Graduate Studies Admissions Committee in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology is responsible for reviewing the application file of each applicant who has been accepted in the School of Graduate Studies in full admission standing, and for recommending to the departmental chair admission in “Full” or “Conditional” standing in the program. To be eligible for full admission to the master’s degree in Transportation program, a candidate must meet the admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the basic departmental requirements as described below, and have preparation (formal undergraduate courses) in the following areas; accounting/economics/management/marketing and/or psychology/sociology and/or engineering/engineering technology/computer science/ biological science/physical science/political science/ criminal justice. Applicants who do not have undergraduate preparation in one or more of the above areas will be required to complete preparatory courses prior to full admission to the masters’ degree program.

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