The Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering Technology and Nuclear Engineering (CMET&NE) is one of the largest departments on campus. It includes several programs: civil engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, nuclear engineering, professional land survying, and transportation.

The Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs at South Carolina State University attempts to go beyond technical competence to develop technologists who are leaders in their areas of specialization. Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology graduates must be able to apply the principles of science and mathematics to the solution of relevant problems in our society. Challenges facing civil and mechanical engineering technologists include housing, pollution control, transportation, transmission and utilization of mechanical and thermal power, water resources development, energy and more.

Students majoring in Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs receive a strong background in mathematics, science, engineering science, and engineering design; the programs also include a minor concentration in Energy Use and Conservation Technology. The curriculum is geared toward the application of proven engineering principles and is more hardware-oriented. Most of the departmental courses have laboratory sections and hands-on experience where use of equipment is greatly emphasized.

Graduates of Professional Land Surveying program are expected to be able to address the needs of the land surveying industry in which the demand is expected to continue to increase both in South Carolina and the nation. The programs will expose students to the various aspects of land surveying, ranging from mapping of topography of land for engineering design, establishment of elevation for building sites for flood insurance, building layouts, layout of subdivisions and other construction projects to the preparation of legal descriptions for properties. A graduate of this program will be eligible to sit for the South Carolina Professional Land Surveying exam after completing State Licensing Board requirements.

The Nuclear Engineering curriculum is offered at South Carolina State University in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin – Madison and North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC. Graduates of this program will be able to address needs in the nuclear industry. They will be prepared to be any part of the process: from planning, to designing, developing, testing and/or operating nuclear reactors. The curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of engineering and therefore does not limit our graduates to the field of nuclear engineering. Graduates of this program will also be prepared for graduate studies in nuclear engineering, including radiological sciences, materials sciences and other fields.